\\,,// Ronnie James Dio \\,,//

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\\,,// Ronnie James Dio \\,,//

Post by vrikasatma » Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:58 am

I searched the forum and was rather dismayed/disappointed/surprised to find that NOBODY has made note of the passing of Ronnie James Dio. Even a month and a half out. Ye Gods, you guys.

Anyway, I guess it's up to me.
This thread is for Dio's fans to talk about his music and life accomplishments, share memories and generally congregate.

My story:
It was three days after my 21st birthday. DIO was playing at the Santa Cruz Civic so I decided a trip down to visit my folks was in order; and it saved me a drive back to San Francisco, I could just crash in my old bedroom.

I made a foamcore sword with an antelope hoof hilt and pommel, and the DIO logo as the crosshilt. I edged it in reflective tape so that it would have a ghostly, mystical glow on the edges when I held it up to the stage lights — little did I know that security wouldn't let it in. I guess I was a blissed-out fangirl back then.

So I toddled back to my car, which was conveniently enough parked right across the street from the SCC's front doors, and stashed the sword. Back up to the doors, grumbling and annoyed that I went to all that trouble and the band would never see it.

Well, anyway, the tour was in support of Holy Diver and of course, Ronnie was the consummate showman of the generation and the genre, so my bitterness didn't hang around long once they hit the stage. I'd seen the same show a week before when they played the San Francisco NYE extravaganza, but that was the Cow Palace and this was the much more intimate Santa Cruz Civic.
Ahhh, to be young, with joints intact and cancer nowhere in sight! It was a magical evening, to say the least. And it would get better.

I hung out in one of the side corridors in the hall, after the show, waiting for the band to come out. Vinnie Appice came out first and signed autographs for the fans. He was a big guy, really friendly and cool. I told him that I was sorry but I didn't have anything for him to sign, and told him the story about the sword and how the security wouldn't let it in. He said, "Go get it!"

So I nipped out to the car, got the sword, and — they wouldn't let me back in, augh!!! :x And the parking lot where the bus was was cordoned off, so I couldn't get anywhere near that.

So what does a poor, bliss-ninny young art school geek with a foamcore sword do? I said, "I'm not going to all this work for them to not see it!" I waited by my car 'cause I knew the bus was going to pass in front of the hall on their way out. I'd hoist the Horns and the sword as they passed by, and that's exactly what happened.

The bus pulls past, I jumped up on the hood of my black-and-silver El Camino — up the \m/ — sword up — "DIIII-OOOOOOOOOOO — !!!!"

The Bus…stopped. :o

Then what I guess was their road manager came out, called to me and said, "Come on up! The band want to meet you!"

:o :o :o :howl:  :oo

So it was up to the bus, the door's open, boundy boundy up the stairs — ahhhhh, to be young and with intact joints! — and there's DIO, Ronnie, Vinnie, Jimmy and Vivian, and some blonde chick. Not Wendy Dio. Vinnie, Vivian and Jimmy are on the couch, and Ronnie's in the kitchen banquette. There's bottles of beer, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a few other potables and Jimmy had a bottle all to himself.

Now you have to appreciate where my head was. I just recently turned drinking age though I'd been raised in an Italian family and had wine and beer on holidays and birthdays all my life. This was before I'd gotten into the club scene and really didn't have much experience with rock bands. I'd lucked into getting backstage to meet the Who, I'd chance-encountered Brian May and his family out Christmas shopping in San Francisco, and that was pretty much it. To me, Meeting A Band, especially a big-time band like these guys were, was like being invited to Heaven for a few minutes. And for the band to actually STOP the bus, for me, was simply mind-boggling. I'd wanted to meet them — but to hear they wanted to meet ME, a ticket-buying nobody fangirl, was bordering on the fantastical. Let's just say that my heart and brain were bouncing off each other like the bells of Notre Dame.

It got…not too good, but then it got better.
Vivian took one look at me, sneered and said, "Oh no, no. No more groupies!," got up and headed into the back of the bus. Buzz-kill! Ronnie saw the deer-in-the-headlights look in my eyes, got up and said, "Don't listen to him, come sit down. Can I get you a drink?" I could have gone for it but I was thinking, "I gotta drive later!" so I just asked for a soda, which he took from the fridge forthwith. We went back to the banquette, Ronnie sat on one side, I sat on the other, and Jimmy slid into the seat next to me, bringing the bottle of whisky with him.

What followed was twenty minutes of chatter, laughter and friendliness. Ronnie was extremely gracious and wanted to know everything about me; Jimmy however was well into his cups and kept trying to hit on me, wanted to spike my soda with the whisky, asked me how old I was, things like that. At the time I was a virgin too, so I was naturally a little uneasy and he was being pretty aggressive about it. Ronnie of course was so gentle and polite that he didn't say a thing, he just kept his mouth shut and finally Jimmy got it that he was getting nowhere with me. So he got up, took the bottle, grabbed the chick and headed back to the bunks.

Ronnie said, "Now we can talk!" and we laughed. He took some time to put me at ease and yeah, it worked. He was so soft-spoken and gentle, it was really easy to relax with him and no drunk and horny Scotsman leaning into my shoulder and asking me why I'm not drinking.

Now here's where I guess things get on-topic.
Up until then, I knew I had a totem, I just wasn't entirely sure what. Definitely something canine, but I was labouring under the misconception that I was a Fox therian.
The legends you hear about Ronnie being a man of magick are true: he sat there talking with me, never once taking his eyes off mine, and I could feel his spirit touching my heart. The conversation turned to the spirit realm and I told him about my beliefs, back then a weird transitional phase between Catholic spiritualism and full-speed-ahead animism. He looked straight at me and said, "You're not a Fox. You're a WOLF, born under a Winter moon."
And that's how I discovered my totem. Ronnie James Dio showed me my totem.
He was wearing one of those prismatic buttons that were in vogue in heavy metal circles in the first half of the '80s. He made a gift of it to me; he took it off and passed it across the table to me. "You better put that on yourself, I always wind up stabbing people. Wear it every day. It'll protect you and bring you luck." So I pinned it on my t-shirt and thanked him. He signed my sketchbook, "To Diane, Run With the Wolf" and I gave him the sword.

The bus driver had to drive to Santa Barbara that night, so I had to get going. Ronnie saw me to the door and I got a hug from both him and Vinnie. Ronnie gave great hugs, full length, none of this A-frame bullshit.
Unfortunately, the button and the sketchbook with the autograph were casualties of an abusive boyfriend who was bent and determined to destroy and drive off everything and everyone that meant anything to me, so I don't have them anymore. I met Ronnie once more, at an outdoor show for the Last In Line album. They were touring with Whitesnake and all my metal buds came down from San Francisco with me to the show.
One of them was a professional photog that used to work with Ronnie but after that show she had a falling out with them and did her level best to poison the rest of us against him. I didn't buy it because I'd had a different experience and knew Ronnie was golden.
But, you know how peer pressure works and the photog chick had a toadie that was Hatred Incarnate. They'd both come down on me like hell on earth if I but mentioned Ronnie. DIO became kind of a guilty pleasure; and of course when I got injured in the pit at Type O Negative and couldn't pit anymore, I kind of drifted away from heavy metal.
So you can understand why I'm intensely focused on Dio, because I had a 24-year gap in there and I'm trying to make up for it now, posthumously.
Let's just say that I can still bring up the memory sensation of his spirit touching my heart and remember everything that happened that night of January 6, 1983, on the tour bus outside the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. Ronnie James Dio was the brightest spirit I've encountered on my journey through life and I still look for him in the stars, the rainbow, and whenever a Wolf howls.

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Re: \\,,// Ronnie James Dio \\,,//

Post by Wingman » Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:01 am

I'm going to have to be honest here, I really have no idea who this is, perhaps a little before my time. Let me google him.
Hmm, quite the career, he made some good music.
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Re: \\,,// Ronnie James Dio \\,,//

Post by Scott Gardener » Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:33 am

Dio was--and still is--one of my favorite heavy metal musicians. He would certainly be appreciated around here; he did more than his fair share of wolf-themed songs, including an album titled "Lock Up the Wolves."
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Re: \\,,// Ronnie James Dio \\,,//

Post by Shadow Wulf » Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:28 pm

Dio was one of the best Heavy Metal Bands, It's just that not many people has heard of him unless they are metal fans. But anyone who knows rock will tell you that Dio would be up there with the best.
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Re: \\,,// Ronnie James Dio \\,,//

Post by Tovarich_Volk » Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:01 pm

Shadow Wulf wrote:Dio was one of the best Heavy Metal Bands, It's just that not many people has heard of him unless they are metal fans. But anyone who knows rock will tell you that Dio would be up there with the best.
Actually Dio got his start in Doo-Wop bands back in the early 60's, so he was there for pretty much the entire development of Rock & Roll. -- I saw him play in '85, and again in early '88.

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